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Sample PDF


A warm welcome to this website dedicated to Thomas Dunhill, composer, musician and ‘musical general practitioner’.

The website, over time, aims to provide a number of interesting TFD-related articles and information, with a view to creating a renewed interest in his work.

As well as being an active and widely published composer throughout his life, TFD worked as an examiner, festival adjudicator, music arranger and editor, teacher and lecturer, and member of numerous music-related organisations. Much of his activity is documented in his diaries (written 1893-1946): these have now been transcribed and a project is underway towards a future publication.



Thomas F. Dunhill – Piano Works For The Home – new edition

Dunhill’s easier piano pieces, designed for students and for home use, are highly rewarding. They contain considerable compositional interest and embrace many different styles. They are beautifully constructed miniatures, and use the most economic means to produce the greatest effect.

A number of pieces are available via this website. They were originally published, mostly during the 1920s and 30s, in albums of around 5-6 pieces, each loosely based around a title theme.  In some cases these albums may still be available on request from music publishers – or on eBay etc.

Each of the pieces listed on the website has a serial number – of which the last digit indicates the level of skill expected of the player. 1 is the easiest, and 5 the most challenging. Each pdf consists of two printed pages of music (except where more are indicated). Each pdf consists of a cover, back cover and pages of music. The purchaser can therefore assemble the printed copies into a useful paper version if required.

If you would prefer to purchase a printed copy of any of these pieces, please contact me via this website, to discuss price including postage. Thank you for your interest in these works -  please recommend them to others! PV