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Sample PDF


Symphony in A minor Saturday 6th December, All Saints church, West Dulwich, London For the first time since 1935, Dunhill’s symphony – written between 1913 and 1916 – will be performed by the Lambeth orchestra, conducted by Christopher Fifield.  All welcome!

Its world premiere, as a result of an invitation by two Serbian musicians in London, took place at the Opera House, Belgrade in 1922, in the presence of the Serb royal family. It was part of a programme of new English music, chosen by, and conducted by Dunhill.

The symphony failed to impress the Carnegie Trust panel in 1917, to whom it was submitted for publication – on the grounds that it was old-fashioned, but later performances at Bournemouth (under Dan Godfrey) and in London were very received.

One movement (Scherzo) was played on Radio 3 earlier this year, but it is arguably the 3rd (Slow) movement that is the most moving part of the work, very probably written as an elegy for some of Dunhill’s close friends who had been killed in France.

Thomas F. Dunhill – Piano Works For The Home – new edition for 2013 Dunhill’s piano pieces, designed for students and for those who like to play at home, are highly rewarding. They contain a great variety of melodic interest and emotional content, and they embrace many different styles. They are beautifully constructed miniatures, and use the most economic means to produce the greatest effect. Here are a selection of pieces, originally published, mostly during the 1920s and 30s, in albums of around 5-6 pieces, each loosely based around the title theme.  The name of each album is indicated with each piece – in some cases these may still be available on request from music publishers. Most of these pieces are aimed at beginners and those of moderate ability. Each has a serial number – of which the last digit indicates the level of skill expected of the player. 1 is the easiest, and 5 the most challenging. Each pdf consists of two printed pages of music, except where more are indicated. Each pdf consists of a cover, back cover and pages of music. The purchaser can therefore assemble the printed copies into a useful paper version if required. If you would prefer to purchase a printed copy of any of these pieces, please contact me via this website, to discuss price including postage. Thank you for your interest in these works -  please recommend them to others!   The Thomas Dunhill Connection and this website were set up in 2012 by Paul Vincent, a grandson of Thomas Dunhill.